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Christmas has come early for Stephanie.  Steph received a new kidney on Wednesday, November 28th.  She is up and walking and the kidney is functioning!!!!

Hello. Our friend Stephanie needs a kidney.  In a normal situation her name would be added to a waiting list and everyone would wait and pray for a donor. That is not the case for Stephanie.  Due to the need to lower her antibodies prior to the transplant, Stephanie needs a kidney from a live donor

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Steph's Story

Stephanie's original kidneys failed her junior year of high school (1991).  Stephanie received a kidney from her mother and all was well until the summer of 2004 when the transplanted kidney failed.  Stephanie's father had been a match back in 1992 and he seemed to be a obvious choice as a donor.  Unfortunately, because Stephanie already had a transplant, a child, and two blood transfusions, all of which cause antibodies to form, this was not possible.  Stephanie's antibody level was too high and would reject her father's kidney.  Once it was understood her father was not an option and finding a donor would be difficult, Stephanie made the decision to use peritoneal dialysis and was able to lead a fairly normal life.  However, in the summer of 2010, her appendix ruptured causing her to discontinue the peritoneal dialysis.  The only option for Stephanie is hemodialysis or transplant.  Since that summer, Stephanie has had multiple surgeries for a hemodialysis access point.  Unfortunately, the surgeries have not been successful.  Stephanie continues to show strength and resilience as she walks this path of hemodialysis.

Steph's only chance for another transplant would be from a live donor and ideally a female that has had a child. 

Stephanie's antibody levels will be lowered a few days prior to the transplant thus eliminating a cadaver kidney as an option.

Over the past 7 years many family and friends have come forward but no one has passed all the tests and proceeded to transplant.

We are hoping someone will open their heart and offer their kidney. 

If you do not know your blood type, the easiest way to find out is to donate blood.

-friends of Stephanie


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